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Who takes care of your second home in Paris?

This article reviews the needs of the owner and investor of a second-home apartment in Paris and how to find tailored and relevant answers.

1/Periodic visits:

You are the happy homeowner of an apartment in Paris. You need a trusted person to watch over your holiday home when you are away and check that all is well. In the event of a damage, you need to be sure that appropriate measures will be taken, and claims launched. Choose us as your reliable services supplier. Real Estate Caretaking provides advice and services for individuals for the proper management and maintenance of their property in Paris.

2/A trusted third party:

You are planning to buy an apartment in Paris. You have made up your mind, however, not living in France, you are looking for a knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable person to assist you and constantly act to your benefit. Holding a professional license, Real Estate Caretaking can offer advice and support to find the most adapted solutions to your needs.

3/Renovation works:

At last, you have found and bought the apartment of your dreams. Congratulations! Now, you wish to initiate major renovation works and provide the latest comfort and design to your Parisian home.

You may bring someone with great experience to help you find a registered architect by the French government. We can act as your trusted third party to translate and review the detail report on comparative analysis of your renovation project proposals. One key point is to make sure that the planned works are possible within the co-ownership regulations. Only a careful reading by a competent party can reveal what kind of works are allowed, possible with an authorization of the co-owners or are strictly forbidden. Martine Hillion, founder of Real Estate Caretaking, with more than 20 years of experience in real estate and holder of a master’s degree in real estate economics and laws will support to make sure you achieved your project as you expect under compliance with French regulations.

4/Monitoring of the renovation works:

Once your project and its budget have been approved and the works have been launched, you may need someone to take part of site meetings on your behalf. You are better off to designate a mandate to check that the works are progressing well within the framework of the budget and to report regularly. Real Estate Caretaking can bring its project management expertise.


Months later, your apartment is in a perfect shape. Here you are, looking forward to enjoying your first stay in your sweet home. There is still much to be done to have your home perfectly equipped. Call on Real Estate Caretaking services. We are ready to help you to take deliveries and to tidy everything from home linen to cutlery. Also, we can arrange for someone to carry out household tasks and we can supervise the maintenance of your apartment.

6/Defense of your rights as co-owner:

At last, you wish to take part in the co-ownership and to secure your rights. You can appoint a mandatory to represent you. Real Estate Caretaking will attend all general meetings as your representative and will act as the qualified contact person. We also hold a professional license to carry out the complete administrative management of your property.

For more information, visit our website and fill in the contact form.

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