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Why hire a property hunter for your home in Paris?

Buying an apartment in Paris is such an exciting project. It is also a daunting experience, especially when you are non-resident and not familiar with luxury residential real estate in Paris. To get the best support and advice, save time and make the right choice, why not hire a real estate professional who will do its utmost to provide a high-quality and attentive service.

This article gives you all the advantages you can get by hiring and following the advices of a dedicated and experienced real estate professional.

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So, what makes a home hunter an excellent project facilitator?

Experience and commitment

With decades of experience in luxury residential real estate in Paris, registered as a “agent immobilier” and holding a professional license, Martine has accumulated valuable experience and skill to assist you in the research of your new home in Paris. According to your personal project and investment budget she finds a relevant selection of properties that meets your needs and expectations.

Martine is dedicated to her work and has developed her niche expertise in searching luxury “pied à terre” for Paris lovers. She gives the best of her proficiency and responsiveness to achieve the best results for her customers. She also provides experience-based guidance on all your buying project from the first visit to the notarial deed of sale. To maintain a high standard of service, she constantly works to improve her expertise and update her knowledge of current laws and regulations in real estate. Martine has a master’s degree in real estate law.

Property hunting is a regulated activity. The mandatory property searching mandate is an agreement under which a buyer entrusts a real estate agent with the search of a property according to clearly defined criteria. As the mandated property hunter must detain a transaction license, it ensures a high level of competence and professionalism. Also, fees are due when the sale is closed, and the deed certified by the notary.

At a time where Paris real estate market is tight, hunting a property is a co-production process based on mutual trust, respect, and efficiency. Martine expects his clients to behave with the same standard. With an exclusive mandate, a real estate agent feels motivated to perform, provide expertise on negotiation and give the client’s best service in a win-win partnership.

Network and reliability

Calling on an experienced and devoted home hunter gives you access to the excellence of a dedicatednetwork. Of course, Martine maintains key relationships with residential real estate agents specialized in the most sought-after sectors in Paris.

Furthermore, she has gradually established a solid network of valuable professional contacts such as architects, interior designers, contractors, and “notaires” (civil law notary). When useful, she puts you in contact with “notaires”, anglophone tax-advisor, and accountants to provide the most appropriate advice about your individual situation.

At last, it must be emphasized that a licensed home hunter has a duty to information and objective advice. He must act as a trusted third party and protect the interests of its customer throughout their contractual relation. This means that Martine provides all the information available to allow her client an informed decision-making.

Analysis of the real estate

Regarding residential properties in Paris, there are three kind of legal or technical information to be provided. First information about the ownership, then about the commonly hold building and at last about the apartment itself.

Martine closely reviews for adequacy the provided information, establishes whether key facts affect the property’s value, and reports to her client about it. Then comes the negotiation phase, in which Martine can assist you with strong arguments.

And after

Once you find your apartment, Real Estate Caretaking offers a complete service that includes the monitoring of your apartment while you are away from renovation and interior design to property management.

We provide maintenance and care to your home for a reasonable fee so you can be assured that your home will be secure and ready for your return. Also, we handle claims and emergencies and supervise the repair works.

On your behalf, we participate to the co-owners meetings and check shared utilities and maintenance expenses.

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