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Property hunter: Chasseur d’appartement

A “chasseur d’appartement” can work as a freelance or for an agency. His job consists in looking for the right property that best matches the client’s needs and expectations. The property hunter works with his clients from the beginning to the end of the buying process. It usually starts with an introduction/preliminary meeting or consultation to get as much information as possible on the client’s needs, lifestyle and desires. The work then includes searching the market and selecting properties that match initial requirements, giving advice, negotiating prices, paperwork and networking with real estate agents and other professionals.

Property manager/home caretaker : Un gestionnaire de biens

Home caretakers are involved in the general maintenance and administration of properties. This can be from just from one property up to a whole portfolio. Their duties include property maintenance, negotiation of contracts with suppliers or with tenants, and administrative tasks.

Home Owners Association : Syndicat de copropriétaires

A home-owners association is an organization of homeowners of a condominium. The purpose of such an organization is to provide a common basis for preserving, maintaining and enhanced their homes and property.

Commission included : frais d’agence incus (FAI)

If a seller works with a real estate agent, the price the buyers have to pay is composed of the net price (the amount of money that the seller really gets) and the agency’s commission (which is usually a percentage that comes on top of the net price.

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