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Paris visits in Summer 2021

If your ideal stay is one that combines new experiences and culture, then Paris is the ideal place.

This article features the latest (re)discoveries of museums and exhibitions for your stay in Paris.

Bourse du commerce-Pinault Collection

One of the most expected events in 2021 was the renewal of the Bourse du Commerce with the masterpieces of the French businessman art collection.

According to François Pinault, this will be “a place open to artists’ installations like in Venice, and that will aim at being instructive and playful targeting very diverse audiences and especially those who are usually far from contemporary art”.

Over 6,800sqm of exhibition space covering 5 floors are dedicated to the display of 10’00 works of art from one of the most beautiful collection of art in the world.

Besides exhibition spaces, visitors can enjoy mediation areas and a restaurant by Michel and Sébastien Bras, La Halle aux grains.

At a Stone’s throw:

Les Halles and the Eglise Saint-Eustache

Les Halles and Nelson Mandela Garden offers green and relaxing areas.

You can’t make a stroll in Les Halles area without visiting the imposing Church of Saint-Eustache. Built between the 16th and the 17th centuries, it offers a mix of architectural styles from Roman to Renaissance with an outside of a gothic church.

A step further:

Gardens of Palais-Royal

Do not miss the magnificent Palais-Royal Estate, created by the Cardinal Richelieu in the 17th century, housed royal families before Palace of Versailles was built.

Walk along the unique galleries, have a seat in the peaceful garden or walk in the shadow of the tree-lined paths. Have a look at the “colonnes”, contemporary sculptures designed by the artist Daniel Buren.

The Grand-Véfour

Have a break in this historic place and enjoy the market produces menu on the great terrace, a sheltered place from the sun and the rain.

The Hôtel de la Marine, place de la Concorde

Visit this iconic 18th-century palace in the heart of Paris and discover the secrets of is a great token of France’s history.

When France's navy ministry left the building in 2015, responsibility for the Hôtel de la Marine was given to the “Centre des monuments nationaux” to promote this outstanding piece of cultural heritage. A large-scale restoration of the entire monument, from 2017 to 2020, have brought true marvels to light, with the rediscovery of the original decor of the Intendant’s apartments as they were at the end of the 18th century.

Its architecture, painted decor, furniture and artworks from the 18th and 19th centuries present to the public the close relationship between decorative arts, the art of hosting, craftsmanship, French excellence, and the expression of power.

Musée Carnavalet, the capital’s historical museum

The Musée Carnavalet reopens after over four years of renovations.

It is the occasion to go and discover the history of the French capital in this new looking museum. Here is what to expect in this place making you travel back in time!

Built in the mid-16th century, it is one of the oldest Marais District private mansions in Paris.

The Carnavalet-History of Paris Museum contains over 618,000 items dating from prehistory to the present. Paintings, sculptures, scale models, shop signs, drawings, engravings, posters, medals and coins, historical objects and souvenirs, photographs, wood paneling, interior decorations and furniture combine to present the history and tell the unique story of the capital. The evolution of the capital is unraveled whether in its architectural, its way of life, its political and artistic aspects.

The singular spirit of the site ensures a rich, emotion-filled experience : discover the world's greatest collection dedicated to the French Revolution and its pieces telling you this historical event to the very detail.

Until October 31st, the Musée Carnavalet – Histoire de Paris offers two photo exhibitions by Eugène Atget and Henri Cartier-Bresson we are looking forward to visiting.

Cartier-Bresson and his photographs have accompanied the life of Parisians. He shooted major moments in History as small details of the everyday life.

Before him, Eugène Atget has immortalized each street of Paris. Together, they create a new historic and poetic look on the French capital.

At a stone’s throw

Place des Vosges

The place des Vosges, originally Place Royale, is the oldest planned square in Paris. It was a fashionable place to live during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Victor Hugo’s apartment

The apartment which Victor Hugo rented from 1832 to 1848 at 6 Place Royale (now Place des Vosges) is currently laid out in such a way as to take you through his life, evoking his writing through furniture, objects and works of art that belonged to him or that he created himself.

Summer 2021 exhibitions

The Napoleon exhibition

As part of the bicentenary of the death of the first French Emperor, discover Napoleon’s exceptional destiny.

Whatever admired or controversial, the epic story of his military victories or defeats, his politics, his cultural heritage will captivate you.

Paul Signac at Jacquemart-André

« Signac and the colour harmonies”

(until July 19th)

A very wonderful exhibition you do not want to miss, displayed in the sublime Musée Jacquemart-André you can also visit.

This exhibition gives you the occasion to discover sixty masterpieces from an exceptional collection, painted by Signac and his peers: Camille Pissaro, Georges Seurat and more.

Alongside twenty-five of his paintings the exhibition will feature more than twenty works by his peers from neo-Impressionism.

Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion manifesto

Until July 18th

The Palais Galliera, the City of Paris Fashion Museum, reopens its doors after extension work and presents the first retrospective in Paris of a unique and remarkable fashion designer: Gabrielle Chanel (1883-1971).

At a time when Paul Poiret dominated the world of women’s fashion, Gabrielle Chanel went to Deauville in 1912, then to Biarritz and Paris, and revolutionised the world of Haute Couture, adorning the bodies of her contemporaries with what amounted to a fashion manifesto.

A selection of clothes designed by Coco Chanel, jewels, accessories, and perfumes recreate the vision of Chanel about fashion and haute couture.

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